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Award Winning Ultimate Troupe Hips Of Fury 2006 & People's Choice Bellydancer of the Universe Troupe 2007 !


Leilainia (lay-lain-ya)

The collidascopic eyes of Leilainia.

Born into the world of art and dance in El Paso, Texas, I was constantly surrounded by philosophers, artists, performances, writers and people of inspiration an passion. They taught me Middle Eastern Dance. They taught me steps and showmanship. They taught me not in a class setting, but in a life setting. I learned through watching, playing and appreciating. It was a terrific fantasy land of preparation, performance and creation. It was a dream of mystical colors constantly shifting and entertaining. I watched as these wonderful creators told their stories through art. But i was young. I had no story of my own. I had no inner trauma, turmoil, love or loss. I had no formulated truths. I was simply a goddess in training. My mother would take me with her to yoga, African dance, Middle Eastern dance, ballet, modern and flamenco classes. I thought this was the normal life.

As I grew I learned through the uniqueness of my upbringing and nourished it. I am trained in Cabaret, Gypsy, Fusion, Egyptian and Turkish Belly Dance.

Through dancing I express my natural excitement for life. I perform and teach throughout the U.S.

Dance is not a hobby to me. It is me.

"Leilainia embodies the true essence of a dancer. She is graceful yet lively; playful yet mysterious."

"You are stunning. We all can't stop talking about you! Thanks for making our evening so over the top! " Jennifer Zuffinett

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About Adelaide

Adelaide was born and raised in El Paso, Texas by parents who, being artists themselves grounded her to a truly innovative mindset. Her father illustrated the significance of creativity and self-motivation through his transforming life experiences as a struggling artist to a locally famous painter. Adelaide’s mother demonstrated the significance of physical expression through her art as a beautiful and diverse dancer.

In August of 2005 Adelaide moved to San Diego to create a Middle Eastern dance Company, The Shimmy Sisters, with her sister Leilainia. As a second-generation dancer of Syrian decent, Belly Dance is Adelaide’s most explored art form, in which she is experiences much success. She fuses varied training in Middle Eastern, Indian, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop and African dance to create a truly unique and theatrical blend of movements.
Adelaide constantly cultivates her mind, body and spirit to enhance her practice and performances. Acrobatics, yoga, painting, poetry, music and meditation are an integrated part of her creative life style. She studies psychology and world medicine in support of her desire to contribute to a higher quality of living for herself and others. As a visual artist, Adelaide recognizes the impact that inspiration and imagination can have on one’s worldview. Adelaide aspires to use her limitless expressions to enhance her life into an art form of spontaneity and balance.

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Read Adelaide's Article: Dance as a Meditation

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The Shimmy Sisters are a professional belly dance troupe based in San Diego, Ca. directed by Leilainia and Adelaide. The sisters style is a unique blend of belly dance forms they term as Cabaret Collage. They fuse all styles of Middle-Eastern dance to entertain and to bring out the essential elements of who they are. 

“Every dance style makes me feel a different way,” said Adelaide. “Just as we feel different emotions every day, the music evokes different emotions that tell me how to move.”

Passed on through generations of art, music and dance, Leilainia [Lay-Lane-Ya ] and Adelaide created The Shimmy Sisters to carry on the joy of their heritage. Upon finding their niche in the world, The Sisters do all they can to spread the ART of the DANCE.

They meld their talents and passions to elicit a more personal response from the audience. They work alone and together learning to connect with and touch the audience in new ways allowing the viewers to forget where they are and simply experience the moment. They are an electricity of inspiration; dancing with their whole heart and letting the performance flow out of them. Their contagious energy led them to become the Ultimate Troupe Winners of “Hips Of Fury” 2006 and People’s Choice Bellydancer of the Universe 2007.

“The better we get along,” said Leilainia, “the more free we are to express our ideas and emotions. It’s hard to be creative in isolation. True creativity requires collaboration… and yes even conflict and confrontation.”

They were born into a culture of creativity by their dancer mother and artist/musician father. The sisters were taught technical belly dance moves and Arabic rhythms, but more importantly, they were taught that this serene dance is an art form generated from the heart and ultimately done for ones self.

“Our shows have nothing to do with being better than the other person,” said Leilainia. ”It’s about finding the horizon and reaching for it.”

The Shimmy Sisters perform a middle eastern /modern dance to a live DJ, Sitar player, Drummers and a full band. They all collaborate to create a synergetic harmony of entertainment.

"We take the holistic approach to all of our productions," said Leilainia. "We like to engage all the senses of our audience."

The Shimmy Sisters teach and perform throughout the southwest. They are available for events, parties, workshops, related theatrical functions, weddings, private / corporate parties, bridal / baby showers, and Middle Eastern events.

Dance, is not only what The Shimmy Sisters love and do, it is who they are.

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