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belly dance dvd

Step-by-Step Belly Dance
Belly dance is an ancient form of artistic expression—and a fun way to a great physique. Lose weight and tone from head to toe with
three 15-minute dance combinations.
57 min. on 1 DVD. An Acacia production.
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Danyvaad & the Shimmy Sisters:
March of the Gypsies:
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Album Description:
This is a two disc set -
a 10 song CD and a DVD full of music videos, dance lessons, pictures, and much more.

DVD includes: Music Videos: ‘Eastern Road’, ‘Nomads‘, ‘Danyavaad’, ‘My Serpent Kiss’.
Instructional segments: Shimmy Sisters bellydance lesson, ‘Arabic Scales’ sitar lesson, dumbek rhythms, bass looping.
Photo slideshows and other surprises!

ON SALE! only $18.99

Exotic Art of Belly Dance

The Exotic Art of Bellydance
Captivating Dancers, Enchanting Performances

The popularity of Bellydance has reached global acclaim as a recognized and respected dance form.

Graceful and elegant movements join exquisite costumes and passionate music to create an amazing experience.

Join the worlds most famous Bellydancers performing to music from great artists such as The Al-Ahram Orchestra, Dr. Samy Farag, Aboud Abdel Al and The Gizira Band.

Chapter List:

  1. Kaeshi: Orientalis: Modern Fusion
  2. Aziza: Yasamina: Classical Egyptian
  3. Amar Gamal: Dina Tata: Modern Balady
  4. Shimmy Sisters: Moon Over Ala Nar: Modern Fusion Duet
  5. Tamra Henna: Hoss-Hoss: Saidi Cane Performance
  6. Nallini: Nawaem: Modern Egyptian
  7. Ava Fleming: Set Al Hosen: Modern Egyptian
  8. Louchia: Sahara City: Classical Egyptian
  9. Sandra: Aswan Dances: Classical Egyptian
  10. Rania: Ya Bahaia: Classical Egyptian
  11. Willow: We Marret El Ayam: Classical Egyptian       
  12. Nathalie: Layali Al Sharq: Classical Egyptian      

Special Features:
Chapter Selections
Interactive Menu
Dancer’s Biographies
Behind the Scenes Footage
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Exotic Art of Belly Dance

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Danyavaad has recently released their 3 song EP, featuring songs 'Eastern Road', 'Danyavaad', and 'Fairuza'.

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